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  • Over 65 workout stations

  • Optional inductions

  • Tailored workout programmes

  • Showers, changing rooms & lockers

  • Extensive free weights section

  • Full range of hammer strength machines

  • Treadmills, crosstrainers, full cardio zone

  • Upright bikes, rowers

  • Boxing bags

  • Sunbeds

  • Pre & post workout drinks

  • Full range of supplements

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Weight training and bodybuilding require motivation and extreme dedication. It is progressive resistance training involving many hours, weeks, months and years of hard work. Most just want to be happy with their appearance, have a body to be proud of, feel fit and healthy, and with every luck, prolong their lives. Others train to help them in their chosen sporting endeavours. Then there are those driven by competition, they want to be the best in their gym, in their local area, nationally, and even internationally. Whatever your goal may be, you will need to put in the effort, train the right way, and learn as you progress. Weight training alone won't give you the look you desire; you have to add cardiovascular training, a healthy diet and the vital rest and recovery periods.
And remember, it is never too late to start weight training, whatever your age. Although it is true that you will make faster gains in your late teens and early twenties, there is no reason you can't gain in your 30's, 40's, 50's even your 60's. Before you start any form of physical training a health check is advised, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions, as you may need your doctor's approval. Even if you have been training for years, a regular physical check-up with your doctor is advised. Once you are motivated and training regularly, it can become addictive, so it is important to do it right, make the gains you strive for, and not waste your time training with very little reward. Stones Gym welcomes the opportunity to pass our knowledge on to you.
"Quitters never win and winners never quit "
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