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Hardcore Gyms: A Thing Of The Past?


Hardcore gyms: A thing of the Past? Not anymore, at Stones Gym we are commited in bringng our customers the best of the best in free weights and machines. No gimmicks, no contracts just a hardcore training experiance to suit everyone from newcomers to experianced pros. Welcome to the stones family "We go to the gym to build strength, not to demonstrate it."


Our members are dedicated to working out and training hard all year-round. We have competitive powerlifters, boxers, bodybuilders, MMA fighters, pro athletes, in addition to the average Joe who doesn't want an average facility.


Whether you’re looking to start a new training programme or just hoping to shed a few pounds the team at Stones are here to push you above and beyoud your limits. With no joining fees or contract to worry about you can visit and work out at a time and pace that suits you.


We are open 7 days a week so call in today to training to the next level.


All new members receive a complimentary day pass.

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